Reluctant readers…

While tackling new articles for, I came to the realization that I LOVE to read.  It’s a sickness really.  I have multiple books going at one time.  One in my bedroom and one in the family room.  Part lazy…part “so much to read, so little time”.  We have instilled a love of reading with our girls since they were old enough to sit still and look at the pages.  Bookshelves are crammed full of colorful picture books and beginner readers.  My youngest clambers to climb in my lap demanding two books every night.  My Kindergarterner is constantly sounding out words and letters as she tackles the concept of learning to read.  I read recently that children of writers have a tendancy to love the written word and might in fact gravitate toward some sort of career that involves writing.  How cool would that be? 

Then I thought about the children whose parents don’t make the time to read to their kids.  How about the children that would rather play video games than pick up a book?  Where is the disconnect?  Where does the fear of or aversion to reading come from?  I sat down for my latest article to research and tackle the topic of reluctant readers.

There is such adventure packed in the pages of a book, it’s a shame to think of all the kids out there that are missing out.  Check out my most recent post and add comments.  I’d love suggestions for getting kids to read.



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